Take it personally
Dubai’s biggest and most compassionate gym. Purpose built solely for personal training. We have over 4,000 sq.ft of gym floor and studio space.
`Educated, compassionate, holistic fitness and wellbeing coaches trained to change lives and deliver life-long results`
6 Pillar Fitness is situated in a permanent, 4000 sq. ft. dedicated space that is wholly-owned by the business, uniquely designed to create a natural environment that is aesthetically beautiful, peaceful, respectful and encouraging. The 6 Pillar Fitness ethos is a million miles away from the sweat-drenched machismo of Dubai’s mega-gyms or the city’s testosterone fuelled get-thin-quick clubs.
New concept
6 Pillar Fitness is a new concept in holistic wellbeing. Independently owned with a stunning gymnasium and studio spaces, it provides clients with a personally tailored approach to living well so that every individual achieves their personal health goals in a way that is appropriate to their own needs.
who we are
The 6 Pillar Fitness was developed by a highly qualified British physical education teacher with a background in rugby, personal training and entrepreneurship.
The team
“Over the past 31 years I have worked with children and adults across most aspects of the health and fitness industry. I’ve always loved a challenge ”.
We believe that personal, physical fitness means being able to perform daily activities with ease; supported by stamina, strength, alertness and cardio-vascular health.
6 Pillar Fitness is a warm and welcoming 4000 sqft space that is made up of a soft-floored multi discipline personal training studio.
Feel the atmosphere