Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life
Posted on June 5, 2017

There are countless articles written on the benefits of women lifting weights and fitness in Dubai, yet despite this the favourite form of exercise for the majority of women wanting to get in real-shape, get toned and lose body fat (weight) remains cardio. This perturbs me, with all the information available out there today, why is this so?

Well, I believe there are several reasons for this. Women are intimidated or Gym-timidation as I heard it referred to recently! There are many reasons, inexperience, fearful they will get judged or watched by others. A big concern is assuming that they will get ‘big and bulky’ lifting weights, they don’t really know how to get started, friends influence their exercise choices, the message is not getting through via the material they are reading, they are just disbelieving that weight training can rapidly change body composition (when compared to cardio alone) or the content of the material they are reading is telling them quite the contrary. It actually amazes me that magazines are still promising dramatic results from as little as 3 min’s a day or such like.

Now I believe that it is a combination of all these reasons why women shy away from weights, add a touch of low self-confidence, male-ego-gym intimidation, & not a clue what to do anyway into this mix and you can see quite clearly the appeal of “cardio” for women.

Lets face it, it's easy, it’s technically not difficult to grasp – you don’t usually have to ask for help to clamber onto a cycle, treadmill or jump on the X-trainer. In a class situation you just follow the lead of the instructor and fellow class attendees, work up a sweat and you go home feeling like you’ve worked your ass off and on your way to that dream body!

For those women reading this that want to look in the best shape of their life, with sculpted shoulders & arms, a tight butt, toned legs, and a flat stomach – listen up, I want to give you a few facts to see if you can be persuaded to head into the weight area and get the results for yourself:

  • Fact number 1 – women lack the genetic makeup to get BIG muscles, we just can not, I repeat can not get massive due to the fact we have approximately 90% less testosterone than a guy!
  • Fact number 2 – Look around your own gym, see all those guys pumping iron week in week out, yes some may have reasonable muscles on them, but I bet the majority don’t. My point being if it was THAT easy to build BIG BULKY muscles ALL guys training in the gym would be walking around like the ROCK, with boulders for shoulders and from what we see this is far from the reality.
  • Fact number 3 – Lifting weights is actually easy to learn, thoroughly engaging & enjoyable, your sessions will whizz by and you can actually spend less time working out than you do now.
  • Fact number 4 – Repetitive cardio sessions actually causes your body to break down muscle, so over a relatively short space of time, reduce your muscle mass. This may make you look ‘smaller’ but you’ll have less muscle, look flat and not shapely. Plus, even worse you’ll have a slower metabolism (more on that later) – not ideal situation for a dream body.
  • Fact number 5 – For women that hold fat mainly in the lower body and have a pear shape appearance, for the average female, cardio is not sufficient enough to change this.

It can seem confusing and like a minefield as a newbie, as there are many pieces of equipment & lifting systems you can use, and everyone has a differing opinion on what works best. However, that’s all part of the fun of it, keeps training interesting and makes lifting so varied!. The best advice I can give you is just go for it, keep it simple and be consistent with your routine. Get help, hire a qualified coach who can support, educate and guide you through the process and get you on the way to that toned firm body.

If you are a complete beginner your body will respond to any weighted stimulus you place on it initially so don’t overwhelm yourself to much with what reps or what's the best exercise! Just make sure you work at effort and periodically you can change things but the important factors to getting a toned firm body is a quality nutrition plan, regular weight training and being consistent with this.

The body is like a child; it gets bored, this means it adapts to what you have been doing over time (endless cardio as an example) and needs to be further stimulated for you to progress further. The beauty of lifting weight is you can change lots of variables, such as weight, reps, speed of the movement, equipment so your body never gets bored and neither do you!

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