6 Ways To Lose Weight Faster
Posted on June 12, 2017

We all have those annoying habits we can’t seem to shift when it comes to dieting. It can seem really hard work, especially improving your health and fitness in Dubai. Food is not only a necessity but also so tempting all around us, right? However, there are ways to banish some of your fat loss hindering habits for good.

Here are our 6 Pillar Fitness gym Dubai, top tips:

These 6 tips will start you kicking into fat loss mode immediately, out with the old (bad) and in with the new (fat blasting) habits. We have found that targeting 1 or 2 at a time works a lot better than trying to tackle all 6 at once, plus you will be more consistent longer term. Over time the more of these tips you can add to your lifestyle healthier and slimmer and more lean you will be.

  1. STOP ‘SPEED’ EATING: I know time is precious, we are all busy bees but seriously Slow down and enjoy your food. Put down your phone, close your laptop and turn off the TV. Your body will tell you when it is full but only if you give it a chance!. A study by Alexander Kokkinos, M.D, Ph.D showed that people finishing meals in under 30 minutes lacked the full hormonal response that makes you feel ‘full’. Being preoccupied by devices means you are not paying attention to ‘full’ queues’ either. In other words speed eating (+ especially while pre-occupied) will see you eat more food. Could be a reason why you can not shift those excess pounds?
  2. STOP THE WEEKEND BINGE: It is so easy to do here in Dubai. You can get anything you desire delivered to your doorstep within minutes. You may also head to a UAE famous brunch, maybe drinks and then Saturday have a traditional family/friends lunch or dinner. All care free and without realizing you have eaten well above and beyond your recommended daily food intake. Being more aware of what you eat over these weekend splurges could help you drop some excess pounds. You don’t have to go cold turkey on this, it is not an all or nothing approach here. Many studies have stated that setting an eating routine (quality of nutrition) and  even allowing a cheat meal is the best option. At 6PF we often ask to see our clients social calendars each month, we can then highlight potential days, weekends that could cause overeating. We then offer support and help the clients plan so it doesn’t happen and they can continue to see progress without having to skip all the weekend fun!
  3. SKIPPING MEALS OR SNACKS: Not eating is simply just as bad as eating to much. Skipping meals really alters your body's ability to control appetite. Not eating breakfast is the most common in our clients.`Your body is crying out for fuel but your brain simply doesn’t have the energy to say no to the following feast you will inevitably have` Potell Ph.D 2001. Skipping meals turns us into late night snackers. To avoid this split your calories throughout the day. If 5/6 meals is too much to handle start with 3 stable meals at the same times each day, set a routine. Most people trying to lose weight need a lot more calories than they think to achieve this so make sure your trainer isn’t telling you to each like a child. `More importantly is a change in mindset, think to yourself each morning I’m on a routine and it is working` Applegate, Ph.D.
  4. LIMIT YOUR BINGE DRINKING: We are talking BOOZE people. We have clients write a food and drink diary for 5 days and most when it comes to the alcohol are shocked at just how much they consume in just 5 days. The simple fact is a few drinks a night can mean at the end of the week you have consumed an extra day’s worth of calories. These calories aren’t calculated for and inevitably aren’t burned off.  So, could this be why your waistline is not shifting? Again this is a matter of cutting down to start. Or if you can instead of 4 nights out a month limit this to only 1 or 2. Embrace the change and use this as an excuse to find new hobbies to engage in, you might even find you become less bothered about the alcohol. People that consume alcohol regularly will struggle to lose belly fat or gain it in this area fast! 
  5. STOP THE SALTY SNACKS: Salt-Sodium causes us to overeat without thinking about it. Its very easy to fix and `salt cravings can be removed within days after starting a reduced salt diet` Mare, M.D.
  6. EATING IN FRONT OF THE TV: We have all done it. Eat in front of the TV and then drift off to sleep. All research indicates that people who eat with a distraction such as watching TV consume as much as 300 calories more per sitting! The University of Chicago also found lack of sleep due to these `naps` or dosing before bed also leads to overeating the following day compared to people who have a regular 8 hours sleep. 
What we suggest is that TV should be a treat, GET ACTIVE before plonking yourself down in front of the TV. If you are already half a asleep go straight to sleep!

By Dave Stedman