Fake it or Make it?
Posted on July 2, 2017

We live in a fast paced world, where media is in our faces 24/7. We all have the ability with smartphone technology to become mini-photographers, tweaking our images and creating the perfectly filtered version of ourselves to post for the world to see. Is this making us body image obsessed and instant result driven? Increasingly more women are looking for quick ways to create their ideal of perfection and get faster results with their body, with no consideration for healthful eating or even stepping foot into a Dubai Gym.
In this ‘instant’ quest to create perfection (now); getting fitter, stronger, and healthier and shifting some unwanted pounds for some, is a secondary goal!

Here is a recap of a conversation our female coach Andreea Wright had with a friend:
So I Met a friend the other day for a coffee and we started chatting about facials and you know what, its a vast subject to be honest; but let me get to the point. During our girlie chats, the topic of “Bum Implants” and “Bum Injections“ came up. So there is this guy on Instagram, a Cosmetic Dermatologist to the Hollywood Stars, Dr. Simon Ourian. If you do check his profile out, you can see that among the many treatments that he does with his clients is the so-called “Brazilian Butt Lift”, for which the Kardashians are famous. Its No wonder Kim offered to have an X-ray done years ago on her show, to prove that she doesn’t have “Bum Implants”, because nobody even knew about the injections!
For a maximum fee of $40,000 you can have one done, and what is promised is “long lasting natural results”. Natural? ha YEAH RIGHT! They use your own fat (well that’s natural right?) or permanent fillers (that are approved by the FDA but not so natural!). They also mention that you shouldn’t be using any silicone injections as it may cause you deformities or even death. 
 It seems there is a rise in the number of Consultations with Plastic Surgeons here in Dubai, for the “Brazilian Butt Lift”. I mean I sort of understand where all this is coming from, us girls want a nice tight, peachy round bum right, it looks great in a pair of jeans and a little black dress but come on girls, just HIT the bloody gym!

The Kim K / Nicky Minaj / Amber Rose of this world, are not good ambassadors for women. They are actually such a bad influence on young girls, impressionable to what they see on social media, on the TV or in print. It has potential to create self-obsession and self image issues. It makes me furious. Yes these are undoubtedly absolutely beautiful women, but nothing is REAL! There is more to what you JUST see with a damn fine bum created in the gym, its a FUN process where you can gain real confidence, real lasting results (without the surgery) and it looks a whole lot better too. Not only this, working in the gym to get that bum lift has also enabled you to get other areas toned, sculpted and stronger too, like your arms, shoulders and abs. Now that’s awesome! Oh, and I wont begin to mention all the health benefits you get from getting into the gym.

There is such a big difference between a bum that has been re-modeled by literally working your ‘ass’ off in the gym with fantastic butt-sculpting exercises such as squats, walking lunges, deadlifts and hip thrusts and a bum that has simply been re-modeled by a few injections.
A girl that hits the gym, will have toned and sculpted legs to go with that peachy bum. Her quads and hamstrings will have developed. The whole group of muscles here working together with your glutes to create that prefect REAL bum that most of you girls are craving for, and you get the lean sexy strong legs as a side effect. Seems to make perfect sense to me! As a side note you can kinda tell when a girl has had the implants too. All you gotta do is check out her pins. Skinny legs with a peachy bum, with no quad and hamstring development means No squats girlfriend you faking it – we can spot you! ;))

I am a mum of two I have a little girl, who I adore so much. Would I want her to look up to Kim K or me? I hit the gym every day if I can, I am active with my kids and I try to install in their brains that they should be active every single day as well. So my advice is to any girl or women wanting to get in shape, get a fine bootie, or get healthy. Find something that makes you happy to get involved in, get support, get a Personal Trainer, join a gym, join some classes, boot-camp on the beach where there are loads of other girls just like you. You might even make some new friends. Take part, pour your heart and soul into in and I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Otherwise I suggest, come to 6 Pillar Fitness Gym Dubai pay me $40,000 and I will gladly use my personal training expertise and re-model your ass to perfection in no time at all!   

Over to you - what are your thoughts? We would love to hear from you on this!