Personal training

Embarking on a personal training program at 6 Pillar Fitness means working with highly skilled and passionate professionals with a high standard of education and interpersonal skills. Each team member is hired based on their unique skill sets and backgrounds both inside and outside of the health and wellness industry. That includes ex-school teachers, neuro-linguistic programmers and military training personnel.

We believe that personal, physical fitness means being able to perform daily activities with ease; supported by stamina, strength, alertness and cardio-vascular health. Our approach is to make the journey towards physical fitness enjoyable and safe, either in one-to-one tutorage, two-on-one or semi-private groups up to a maximum of 6 people per group.

Soft-tissue massage

Soft Tissue Massage is readily available and competitively priced. Our massage therapists are experienced and qualified and able to help with a range of physical needs. Please ask reception for more details or call us directly. 

Corporate training

Private and public sector organizations are able to take advantage of extremely competitively priced corporate training packages. 6 Pillar Fitness is already working with a number of large UAE-based organizations, providing highly cost-effective holistic health and wellness sessions for corporate customers. Corporate packages are tailored to the specific needs and budgets of each organisation, which may variously include access to the entire studio for group sessions, private training or off-site wellness activities.

Studio Rentals

The soft floored multi discipline class studio comfortably holds up to 20 people for group classes and when not in use for in house programs is available for corporate use, educational companies and individuals. Contact [email protected] for bookings.